Customer-Owned Surgical Instrument Processing

  • SPSA provides scheduled cleaning, decontamination, inspection, assembly, sterilization, and distribution of customer-owned medical devices and instruments
  • SPSA has the ability to sterilize a wide variety of surgical instrument specialties, including, orthopedic, robotic, urology, ENT, and cardiology
  • Team SPSA includes skilled and competent instrument technicians and leaders
  • SPSA will optimize and validate a process for all medical devices and instruments sent off-site to meet customer quality and efficiency needs, and regulatory requirements
  • SPSA’s offsite reprocessing solutions are ideal for healthcare facilities, situations such as insufficient on-site processing capacity, emergency services, fluctuations in volumes and staffing, and challenges with managing vendor trays
  • SPSA has the solutions for customers with budget, space, or equipment constraints

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